How We Increased ROI by 800% in One Month

Anderson Advisors (ABA) is a Seattle- and Las Vegas-based business planning and consulting firm with a focus on providing high-quality services and resources to real estate investors, stock traders, solopreneurs and business owners. 

When I first started working with ABA, they aimed to improve the quality of leads driven from their paid social program, and close the loop on measurement. Through implementing a full funnel approach, and using offline data to properly attribute phone sales, we were able to achieve an 800% increase in ROI compared to previous efforts.

Getting Started With Video

Anderson had tested very little video before we got started. From day 1, we began an interative creative testing cycle, beginning with ad copy. After the first week we took the winning ad copy appeals and scripted 2 videos.

Using low budget, simple 30 second promo videos (just one of the partners talking into their webcam) we were able to reduce the cost per registrant 24%!

Landing Page Optimization 

As a part of the iterative testing cycle, we launched a new landing page variation. Through a series of small changes, we were able to reduce the cost per registrant by 35% compared to the control landing page.

We achieved this by:

  • Making the value proposition the page headline
  • Changing the CTA 
  • Focusing on the corresponding benefits of the value prop in the page subheadline
  • Matching the winning ad headline with the page headline

Implementing Post Stream Retargeting & Phone Sales Measurement

Many leadgen advertisers struggle with improving their results due to lack of closed loop measurement. Especially for companies that do live events or online events, lead are driven and then theres a long wait and little specific data on the ROI of specific audiences or ads. 

By normalizing and then uploading ABA’s phone sales data from the event as Facebook Offline Data, we were able to attribute sales to specific aspects of our campaigns. Data that would have been completely lost before!

In addition to that, we implemented post-event retargeting for attendees who did not purchase. That campaign alone raised the ROI of our paid social spend for this event by 80%!

Ready to increase your Paid Social ROI?

If you’d like to join Anderson Advisors & increase your advertising ROI, then drop us a line! Email and we’ll set up a free consultation call & account audit. Don’t miss this otter-tunity!

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