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How we increased ad profit by 219% & decreased CPA by 28% on Pinterest for Twinkle In Time

Twinkle In Time is a DTC art brand that sells custom star maps to commemorate birthdays, anniversaries and other milestones. These star maps show what the night sky looked like at a particular date and time.

When Twinkle reached out to us, they were looking to aggressively scale their acquisition to capitalize on projected q4 demand. Through a series of rapid, high leverage testing we were able to stabilize their account CPA, and actually increased performance and spend at the same time. To date, they have seen ad profit (revenue – spend) increase by 219% under our management and CPA decrease by 28% for the same period.

Implementing Video

The Pinterest ad creative landscape is very similar to where Facebook was at 3 or 4 years ago. Many advertisers still have not adopted video, and those that do, reap huge performance gains by standing out in search results.

The first thing we did for Twinkle’s Pinterest ads when we took over was repurpose winning video ads from other channels.

After implementing video in key prospecting and retargeting ad groups we were able to get a 72% decrease in CPA on one key retargeting audience and and a 6% decrease on another.

Matching The Right Bid Type To Retargeting

Nearly 70 years ago, advertising legend Rosser Reeves was experimenting with radio media buys when he found that, if he simply focused his ad dollars on spots that were cheaper, and increased his reach, his ROI improved.

He called this his “theory of dispersion”, the idea that you should only increase frequency after you’ve reached 70-80% of key audiences, because reach is more often correlated to return than frequency.

This still holds true today. For Twinkle, we noticed that some mid-funnel retargeting audiences were missing from their funnel.

So we implemented best practices around bid types, where smaller audiences remained on click bidding (to maximize reach on those hyper qualified audiences), and the mid funnel, larger, less qualified audiences were moved to checkouts.

Checkout bidding acts as a filter for those less qualified audiences. This enabled us to add two more evergreen audiences to our portfolio and maintain a higher retargeting volume in the account. Which in turn, brought the overall retargeting ROAS up.

Since we took over, retargeting volume has increased 353% while CPA has also decreased 13%!

Our Shopping ‘Hack’ For Single Product Ecomm

Most Pinterest advertisers still don’t know that you can’t reach all of the impression inventory with conversion and traffic objective campaigns alone.

The juiciest, most profitable audiences are still only available to advertisers who leverage Pinterest shopping for prospecting (Pinterest DPA).

But what do you do if you only sell one product?

For Twinkle, we used an interesting workaround (or hack, if you insist), to leverage shopping prospecting even though they only sell one sku.

We created a shopping feed, using their google feed as a base. Then we added line items for separate “skus” for every possible customization option for the product. This ensured we met Pinterest’s 10 product requirement for feeds.

Finally we added their highest converting keyword search terms from their prospecting campaigns, into title and description fields. This then modifies how shopping campaigns are targeted on prospecting.

Shopping seems to have provided the account a halo effect on acquisition cost, with a 23% decrease in CPA since it was implemented.

Ready to profitably scale your Pinterest ads like Twinkle In Time?

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